Sports Performance

Want to improve performance in your sport?

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Want to run, kick, climb better? Want to lift more or get more powerful?

Greg has over 15 years experience of getting people in the best shape of their livesfor sports as diverse as triathlon, marathon, powerlifting, ultramarathon, martial arts, climbing and skiing.

After a detailed consultation a bespoke assessment of your performance parameters is done.

A programme is tailored to your own specific needs and adapted continuously where necessary.

Endurance – speed – strength – power.


Cathy Macaslan (62) breaks the IPF British Record in Deadlift.
















  •  A PB for me rock climbing on Sunday as I climbed an E1 grade after 15 years...   –Alison Coull, Scottish Government

  •  I’ve always thought that weight training was not for me. I had never entered a gym prior to TBT, however I decided to give it a go since I wanted to improve my core strength to help my capoeira practice. I could never imagine how fun and enjoyable I would find it! Guided by Greg, the TBT course is extremely informative, full packed of information how to train, eat and rest. The beauty of the course is that it applies to everyone, un-trained or trained, and the astonishing results are very encouraging for maintaining the training! Needless to say that I highly recommend this programme and I have recommended it to both fit capoeira friends as well as my mother! The results are as surprising as rewarding – I never thought I would manage to do pull ups and now I have progressed from 0 to 13 in just four months! – Sofia Sunden, Scottish Government

  • TBT is helping to get me back on track towards 6 min miles for a half marathon and if all goes well 6:30 min miles a marathon. Already seen improvement in both climbing and descending on a hill race last weekend with a higher than average position in the race. No injuries and confident in gym and on the hill and road well increased... ... it works if you follow the plan...– Jon Rathjen, Scottish Government