Turn Back Time 28 Day Challenge

Are you getting the results you want in the gym? Are you getting as lean, strong and toned as you would like?

Turn Back Time
There is a reason many people don’t get the weight loss, performance or toning they dreamed of.

They don’t understand the power of a very specific strength/tone protocol. They focus on steady state aerobic exercise like jogging, cycling, cross trainer or rower, not realising that strength training has been shown to improve more of the Biomarkers of aging and health than cardio training alone. Biomarkers show you your real age, as opposed to your chronological age.

Without a strength training protocol like Turn Back Time, metabolism, performance and health-giving muscle is lost at 5-10% per decade. This means life can gets 5-10% more difficult, body fat percentage increases by 5 -10% – and sports performance drops dramatically over time.

The 28 Day Turn Back Time Challenge uses a unique, scientifically-tested protocol which builds awe-inspiring strength and tone in a very short time.

The average strength gain is 27% per month.

What You Get.

  • 16 point fitness assessment is followed by programme tailored specifically for you.
  • 28 days later another full assessment and re-programme is done.
  • Allied to specific nutrition guidelines, participants lost an average of 1.7lbs of bodyfat per week. They continue to lose weight and build lean, toned muscle month after month.
  • 28 daily educational, inspirational and motivational emails.
  • Personal support from your trainer.
Get in the best shape of your life using the fat loss, strength and fitness secrets used by professionals to get their clients in the best shape of their life.

The Turn Back Time programme is for you if:

  • You’re not getting the results you want in the gym.
  • You haven’t made any progress.
  • You lack confidence or knowledge using weights machines and weights generally.
  • You want to get stronger for specific sports.
  • It was a fairly simple protocol and the core TBT workout was actually quite quick and easy to follow. It meant that (a) you didn’t have to think much in the gym (b) that you didn’t feel like you’d been in the gym for hours and (c) that if you were busy, all you needed to do was that circuit and that kept you on track.

  • – Andrew Ruxton, Scottish Government

  • I have been training for 25 years. I achieved greater increases in strength than I expected - way more really. I expected that as someone who was already training consistently then any strength increases would be somewhere between 5-10% - in fact, it's been more like 25%-50% across different exercises in four weeks. I am definitely happy with the results.–David Munro, General Registers of Scotland

  • My weight is the lowest it has been in 22 years and I am lifting 3 times the weight without totally cutting out anything I enjoy. This programme I am doing is the best I have ever done in my nearly 30 years of trying different fitness plans diets and all sorts.–Karl Zaczek, Scottish Government