Is Myfitnesspal Useless for Weight Loss?









Do you want to eat whatever you like and still lose weight?

You can.

And free app Myfitnesspal can help.

But only if you know how to use it properly.

Myfitnesspal helps you to record and calculate energy intake and macronutrient ratios.

You might not be able to eat the amount of food you want, but if you use Myfitnesspal you can have your cake, chocolate, wine and savoury snacks – within limits – and still lose weight.

Despite these powerful benefits, when Myfitnesspal was used without guidance ...

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5 Pillars of Eating Wisdom

Do you pride yourself on your nutrition knowledge?

Or perhaps you think that you need to learn more about the minutiae of carbs, protein and fat to get fit and toned and healthy?

65% of the Scottish population are classified as overweight or obese. (1)

While the BMI classifications don’t take into account body composition or cardiorespiratory fitness, it’s not plausible that those figures are because 65% of the population are so muscular lean and fit that they are skewing those figures and the gravity of the situation.

And while a tiny amount of ...

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What Do Personal Trainers Eat?

Do you ever wonder if you’re eating the “right” thing?

Very, very occasionally, on a surprisingly small number of occasions, people ask me what I eat.

And that’s fine, because if I’ve never found giving out meal plans or recipes works well.

It simply adds a layer of change (or perceived difficulty) to the client’s life that can kill adherence dead.

What I’ve found works very well is simply a calorie, diet quality (and occasionally) macronutrient goal.

Then I let my client work it out themselves in an enjoyable, non depriving way ...

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Feeling Stressed?

Elephant standing on man, side view (Digital Composite)

Do you ever get stressed or feel “frazzled”?

Feel like everything is getting on top of you?

Ever feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, confused, angry, tense or tired?

There’s a a simple way to reduce unpleasant feelings (1) by up to 25% in just 10 minutes and by 66% in a hour.

During more than ten thousand personal training sessions, I’ve noticed how exercise radically improves mood – especially when people think it won’t.

So ...

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The Key to Motivation

Dean Karnazes

Do you want to know the real secret of long term motivation? While having exciting but realistic goals,working out a plan; making yourself accountable; having social support and setting SMARTER targets are all pretty central, the whole thing collapses if you have a belief like this:

“In order to do a task which leads me to my goal successfully, I must feel like doing it before hand.”

In my experience of ...

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Can a 2 Second Test Predict Your Future?



Do You Need to Get a Grip?


Do you want to feel happier and physically and mentally healthier? A simple, inexpensive 2 second test available for free at the SG could help you.


New research published in the Lancet showed how powerful the grip strength test is as an indicator of health and even psychological well being.


In this latest study, 140,000 people were studied over 4 years. What they dicovered confirmed the findings of earlier studies in terms of the ...
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Are carbohydrates the enemy?

carbsWant to enhance performance? When clients are preparing for a race, usually we alter training to specifically target that event. For 5km races we would focus on intervals  at around 5k race pace and threshold work  and usually after a few weeks of this the race time would drop by 2-3 minutes – which is significant.

One day my client Fiona handed me her ...

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7 Steely-Eyed Motivation Tips for 2016


Research shows that making resolutions in the New Year leads to more lasting results than at any other time of year.
Despite this, 80% of people will have given up on their resolutions by February.
Implementing these 7 tips allowed Intelligent fitness clients to lose up to 11.5 stone and continually break personal bests in multiple sports.
Taking action and actually using these strategies ...

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6 Damage Limitation Tips

One more wafer thin mint











The festive season can be great.

Time off work, meeting up with family and friends, parties, enjoying tasty food and drink.

It can be very enjoyable and can really re-charge the batteries after a tough year.

But often people end the holidays feeling more lethargic, unfit and heavier than before it started.

Accordingly, figures clearly show the number one New Year resolution in the ...

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Can You “Tone Up” Without Losing Weight?

 susan absI Don’t Need to Lose Weight – I Just Need to “Tone Up”

It’s not unusual for people who want to “tone up” to say “I don’t need to lose weight; I just need to “tone up”.

Having measured more than two thousand individual body fat percentages on behalf of the Scottish Government over the last 16 years (including the amazing Susan on the left) ...

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