About Intelligent Fitness

We provide transformational weight loss and fitness programmes which will get you in the best shape of your life.

You can do this without fad diets, depriving yourself of foods you enjoy or exercise programmes that almost kill you.

We are so confident that our methods work that all programmes, classes and Personal Training blocks come with a money back guarantee.
Greg Stewart
Greg uses only time tested methods with a strong evidence-base.

This saves you valuable time, energy and money.

For 16 years and during more than 10,000 one-to-one sessions and thousands of group sessions Greg has helped individuals and groups get into the best shape of their lives – no matter what their age and starting point.

He studied Counselling Skills and uses CBT methods in order to help understand clients’ needs better and keep them motivated long term.

He works with physiotherapists, nutritionists and other specialist health professionals to deliver the best possible result whether your goal is weight loss, sports performance or well being.

He competes regularly in powerlifting and endurance events, usually placing after his wife.

With 2 children under 2 years old, he has first hand experience what works for people short on time and energy.

In 2012 he fought off competition from 1000 other trainers to reach the final 10 in the prestigious Men’s Health/Exorex U.K’s Top Personal Trainer Competition

Greg Stewart
MA (Hons)
Level 3 Personal Trainer
GBPF Powerlifting Instructor
American College of Sports Medicine (HFI)1999
Premier Advanced Personal Trainer
COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • "I felt throughout the course as if I was part of a team and this aspect made it unique from other approaches I have tried in the past. I really felt supported by Greg and by the other participants which hugely helped motivate and encourage me"–Jennifer, Scottish Government

  • . "Lots of people said to me that the weight will just come back when I stop the diet - but it is not a simple diet – it is a change in lifestyle and attitude"–Carolyn, Scottish Government"

  • "Using the amazingly effective workouts and simple, non-faddy eating advice in the Rapid Fat Loss system was a revelation. I'm stronger, fitter lighter and simply feel more well than I've done for 20 years.–Patricia Scotland, Scottish Government