Personal Training

Whether your goal is fat loss, fitness or sports performance, one to one training is the most effective and quickest way to reach your goals.

The Personal Training process starts with a detailed consultation to find out what your goals are and what motivates you.

A fully bespoke fitness and nutrition assessment is then carried out and a programme designed, overseen and continuously tailored by the trainer.

A good trainer will design a programme which is:

  • Tailored to your goals
  • Neither too hard nor too easy
  • Uses the most effective, evidence-based methods both in terms of nutrition, exercise and recovery
  •  Using the eating, motivation and exercise methods Greg recommends, I have lost more than 11.5 stone , 9 dress sizes and 51% of my starting body weight. I now enjoy exercising 6 times a week, and am delighted to now run regular 5km and even a couple of 10km races. –Juliet, Cabinet Directorate

  • Greg has been training and motivating me twice a week outdoors for over 15 years and our sessions continue to be fresh, interesting and most importantly fun! I remain a loyal client due to his dedication and passion for fitness and all things healthy. A voracious reader, Greg is abreast of the latest techniques, fads, innovations, equipment and research. He has motivated me to achieve my goals, cope with stress and maintain a consistent high level of fitness and strength. He has a fabulous sense of humour and an ability to make me want to train in all weather! –Karel Park, Company Director

  • I really feel as though I have made massive mental and physical strides to how I lead my life in a permanently different way – thank you very much for all your help along the way. –  Bonnie Clarke, Director, Badenoch and Clark