Workshops and Fitness classes

Get the fat loss, toning and performance of Personal Training at half the cost!

Team up with one or two friends for Small Group PT and get the body and performance you want.
Evidence shows that training in a small group is more likely to lead to fat loss and fitness results. Group support and accountability under the watchful eye of a trainer boosts motivation, safety and fun.

We begin with a full 16 point personal fitness assessment. This tells us your strengths and weaknesses and what might need extra emphasis.
A detailed questionnaire helps you zero in on your goals and enhance motivation.

More than 100 people have completed the Turn Back Time 28 Day (TBT) Challenge in 2013 alone.

TBT is an evidence-based strength, cardio and nutrition system which will get you the body and performance you want.

The average fat loss for people on the programme is just under 2 lbs per week/10lbs per month.
Strength gain is 29% per month.

  • . It was only when I actually implemented the simple methods Greg outlines that I lost a stone and a full dress size in a surprisingly short time and quite easily. –Fiona

  • "I have lost one stone in 7 weeks. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone regardless of how much weight you have to lose..." –Lesley M, Scottish Government

  • The difference with Intelligent Fat Loss is that it’s not just a quick fix diet to let you fit into that dress. It offers support and emotional encouragement to a new way of life, and a new attitude towards food, exercise and lifestyle.–Kirsty S, Scottish Government