2 to 1 Personal Training

2 to 1 personal training is a fantastic lower cost,
alternative to 1 to 1 training.

2-1-training with Intelligent Fitness

With 2 to 1 Personal Training you get the same comprehensive fitness testing as well as the same close personal attention and support – but for 40% less than the price of 1-1 training.

For just £25 each you can team up with a buddy and get maximum results whether your goal is fat loss, toning, or sports performance.

with 2 to 1 Personal Training
you will receive:

  • Full Consultation
  • Regular 16 point fitness assessment
  • Bespoke fitness programming
  • Cutting edge, non faddy information which has allowed clients to lose up to 11 stone – and keep it off for years
  • Support from your trainer – and your exercise buddy
  • Motivational emails to inspire and inform you
  • He has also helped me to stay motivated in the long term - at the age of 58, I'm fitter, stronger and faster than a woman of twenty. I haven't felt so well for years.–Patricia, Scotland.

  • I'd always been an exerciser and watched what I ate but the last stone just wouldn't budge. until I finally listened to Greg and followed his simple, non-faddy, evidence-based advice. I shifted that stone and managed to reach a BMI of 22. –Joan Reid, SG (retired)

  • "It was only when I actually implemented the simple methods Greg outlines that I lost a stone and a full dress size in a surprisingly short time and quite easily. Because he insists on a sensible, non-faddy approach including foods that you enjoy, there is very little sense of deprivation. It was much easier than I expected and really has given me a wonderful sense of control over my weight. Greg's method is geniusly simple. His enthusiasm and clear guidance certainly helped me to make the start and to make the gains." –Fiona M, Scottish Government